Tuesday 19 September 2017
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Tricia Psarreas

Tricia Psarreas was born and raised in Lynn, Massachusetts, where she began her educational  background and her love for writing. In 2006, she earned her B.A. in English  with a concentration on Professional Writing from Ellis College of New York  Institute of Technology. She graduated summa cum laude with a 3.94 GPA and was  recently named as her school’s most outstanding graduate.

Freedom’s Rein is Tricia’s debut book, but it is not  her introduction to the writing world. Tricia has ghostwritten dozens of books  and e-books, over 1,000 book reviews, more than 500 movie reviews, and  thousands of articles on various subjects. She also owns a successful freelance  writing company called The Brighter  Writer that has influential clients from six different continents.

When Tricia is not writing, she enjoys spending  time with her family, her friends, and her dog Pandora. She spends a great deal  of time traveling to Greece to bask in the Sun and visit her  family. Tricia also enjoys listening to 80s hair bands, watching corny movies,  reading anything she can get her hands on, and waiting for Lady Luck at the  nearest Caribbean Poker table.

You can learn more about Tricia Psarreas here at her official MySpace page.


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