Monday 23 October 2017
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Jockeys: Bringing Hope Back into the Game

(Posted by Tricia at Feb 06 2009 10:02 pm)

Tonight I was ecstatic to watch the first hour of the new Animal Planet TV show Jockeys and I’m glad to see that my anticipation was well warranted. These first two episodes show a lot of promise and I look forward to watching the behind the scenes stories unfold as the series progresses.

But while I applaud Jockeys for bringing so many issues to light, I have one question: What took so long?

Almost a year has passed since the release of Freedom’s Rein, and though the book caught many people’s attention, many of the core issues went unnoticed. Freedom’s Rein may be told through one former jockey’s eyes, but it is the same story jockeys around the world face. Physical peril. Familial hardships. Deadly injuries. Monetary struggles. It’s all there. And until it was highlighted on television, it was mostly kept in the shadows.

I know that Shane Sellers’ story is a controversial one, but I wish people would look beyond his personal tale to see the many stories contained within. Enjoy the love story of Shane and Kelli. Bask in the glory of Shane winning over 4,000 races. Take pride in the many changes Shane made in the industry. But don’t forget to look at the industry itself.

Don’t forget that for every story in the book, there are 1,000 similar ones that happened to Shane or someone else. Every jockey from Shane Sellers to Joe Talamo to Mike Smith has worried that a big race will be his last. Every jockey has watched in terror as a horse plummeted to its doom and brought a jockey down with it. Every jockey has heaved, sweated, or turned a blind eye as his comrades have done whatever necessary to shed off those extra pounds. Every jockey has seen a lot, heard a lot, and done a lot. Now let’s hope that the public will finally start to read, hear, or see those stories so the many efforts to bring integrity back to the industry will not be in vain.

As I once penned, “Without truth there can be no freedom.” Now let’s remember that the truth does little good if it goes unheard.



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